Belize Central Prison

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(KOLBE FOUNDATION) Mr. Kevin Bautista

On August 1, 2002, the Government of Belize and Kolbe Foundation signed its first Management Services Contract to manage the country’s only prison system – The Belize Central Prison (BCP). It must be noted, that the Belize Central Prison is different than most – if not all prisons, because it is run by a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose sole purpose is to provide “A secure, humane facility geared towards meaningful rehabilitation and successful reintegration.”

As part of the Contract, the Government of Belize hired and placed a person to serve as “Controller” of the prison and as a Government Representative. The Controller’s main duty is basically monitoring the quality of Kolbe’s performance under the Contract between the Government of Belize & Kolbe Foundation. This includes the review of all administrative and programmatic requirements of the contract
and ensuring that Kolbe’s Management of the Prison is in accordance with the Prison Laws and
Regulations and Court Orders.




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